Wrist rest keyboard (buckwheat hulls filling) Patterns

Unique and ergonomic wrist rest for comfortable typing during long hours behind the computer. Made of fabric and filled with natural buckwheat hulls for optimal comfort.

Dimensions: 44 (width) x 9.5 (depth) x 2 cm (height)

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Unique keyboard wrist rest made of fabric filled with buckwheat hulls!
This wrist rest helps you to type comfortably behind the computer or laptop. The wrist rest is made of fabric filled with natural buckwheat chaff. The support helps to support your wrists so that you do not suffer from heavy wrists. The wrist rest allows you to bring your wrists to a similar height as your fingertips. This means that your wrists lean on the support and you do not need extra muscle strength to keep your hands above the keyboard. You illuminate the wrists and typing takes less effort.

Buckwheat hulls or buckwheat husks offer optimal comfort and are also often used for filling pillows. Buckwheat hulls forms to the weight and shape of your wrists, so you can relax optimally. Buckwheat hulls also helps with air circulation, so you are less affected by sweaty wrists that stick to your table. Buckwheat pillows have been used in Japan for centuries to relieve migraines and other body aches.

We help the wrist rest finished with an anti-slip strip made of polyureathane material that helps prevent the palm rest from slipping.