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Laptop stand made from one piece of thick acrylic material. Increases laptops by 16.5 cm. Suitable up to 17 inch laptops.

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Translucent, does not distract

We can be found for many hours behind our computer or workplace. A good-looking workplace helps with our productivity and mood. That is why a workplace must look orderly and tidy. With this laptop stand we improve ergonomics for a better sitting posture. But we want the standard to be unnoticeable and distracting. That is why we have come up with a minimalist design. The material used looks calm, non-distracting and makes this a standard suitable for any workplace.

laptop stand

Nice increase

The laptop stand is made from one piece of thick acrylic material and can increase any laptop up to 17 inches or with a maximum weight of 5 kg. The equipment is raised by 16.5 cm. The point of the hinge is then 16.5 cm higher. This way the screen is better at eye level. With a lip of 3 cm high you can also place documents on your laptop. It works as a document holder. You can of course also place a phone or tablet on the laptop stand.

laptop stand

Convenient And Beautiful

With STEYG you raise a laptop in a stylish way. The edges of the stand are glossy polished and have rounded corners. The stand fits well in both a business and a creative interior. Cables can be looped through the recess in the back. This makes it easy to neatly organize your cables.

laptop stand

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