Monitor stand BIGGER

This extra high monitor stand increases by 11 cm. Universal risers are not enough for many tall people, around 1.90 meters. Improve your working posture with this monitor stand.

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Extra High

Tall people, around 190 cm tall, are not a high enough universal monitor stand. The TALLER monitor stand offers an elevation of 11 cm. In this way tall people can get a better sitting position. This improves comfort. In addition to ergonomics, the monitor stand should also not be distracting and stand out too much. The workplace must remain orderly and restful. Because the standard is transparent and the design is minimalistic, the standard does not stand out and fits well with any workplace. The stand is made from a piece of thick acrylic material. It is clear than glass. It fits monitors like those from Dell, AOC, LG, Acer, HP and more.

monitor stand tall

Increase The Convenience

The stand is made from one piece of thick acrylic material.

  •     It can raise a monitor to a maximum weight of 10 kg.
  •     The elevation is 11 cm.
  •     The dimensions are: depth 24 cm and width 40 cm.

You can store items or accessories under the stand. You make space for reading a book, eating lunch or working on your tablet. Under the standard fits a TKL keyboard (without numeric part).

monitor stand

Convenient and Beautiful

The STEYG TALLER elevates your monitor with stand in a beautiful way. The standard is extra glossy by polishing and therefore has a stylish look. The booster is good in any environment, business or creative. Under the stand you have extra space to slide accessories under your monitor, such as a telephone or keys. The space you save in this way contributes to an organized workspace.

Data sheet

Height (cm) 11
Width (cm) 40
Depth (cm) 24
Color Transparent