Monitor stand ORIGINAL

Monitor stand for raising your monitor. Place your screen at eye level for more comfort and an ergonomic workplace. The monitor stand is transparent, glossy and polished. Partly due to the minimalist design, this booster fits every workplace and interior. It complements the design of any monitor. The monitor stand is 7.5 cm high.

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Complementary Design

In addition to improving ergonomics, a workplace can also look good. It must be a place where you want to be. We regularly clean up our desk and make sure it looks organized. That way we can better focus on productive and creative activities. A monitor stand is important to improve the ergonomics of the workplace. At the same time, we want a workplace not to look cluttered. With this in mind, we have designed a monitor riser that is complementary to any device and work table. It does not stand out and does not distract. The stand is made from a piece of thick acrylic material. It is clear than glass. It suits monitors like those from Dell, AOC, LG, Acer, HP and more.


Increase Comfort

The stand is made from one piece of thick acrylic material.

  •      It can raise a monitor up to a maximum weight of 14 kg.
  •      The elevation is 7.5 cm.
  •      The dimensions are: depth 23 cm and width 30 cm.

You can store items or accessories under the stand. This makes space for, for example, reading a book, eating lunch or working on your tablet.

steyg monitorstandaard

Practical and Stylish

The STEYG ORIGINAL raises your monitor in a stylish way. The standard is extra glossy by polishing and therefore has a stylish look. The monitor stand fits well with any business or creative work environment. Under the stand you have extra space to slide accessories under your monitor, such as a telephone or keys. The space you save in this way contributes to an organized workspace.

Data sheet

Height (cm) 7.5
Width (cm) 32
Depth (cm) 23
Color Transparent