STEYG STAND for studio monitor speakers

This stand (one pair) can raise a studio monitor speaker with 10 cm for better listening position. The stand is beautifully made from transparent shiny material. Its simple design and crystal clear material complement different type of working interior. This stand comes in two.

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Better listening position

Studio monitor speakers are often not at the proper height for the best listening position. Studio monitor are relatively small in size and should therefore be raised at proper height. These STEYG stands raise your speakers with 10 cm height. This is a fine height if you use studio monitor speakers with a iMac or MacBook.

Increases ease of use

The raiser is made from one solid piece of thick acrylic material. The dimensions of the stand are 17.5cm wide, 20cm depth and 10cm high. The stand has rubber supports. Under the stand there is room for storing accessories or cables. Speakers in the picture are the M-Audio AV40.

Data sheet

Height (cm) 10
Width (cm) 17.5
Depth (cm) 20
Color Transparent
Product reference STICLR10