Monitorstand / iMac stand TALL

This 11 cm height iMac stand is especially suitable for tall people (> 1.90 m). It is made of one thick acrylic material. It elevates your monitor in a comfortable and elegant way. Due to its simple design and crystal clear material it complements the design of your display hardware without being obtrusive.

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Extra TALL
Besides our ORIGINAL stands, we also created this TALL version. It is 11 cm high and is great for tall people (190 cm or taller). Keeping your working desk simple and clean is a way to focus more on your productive activities. With this in mind we designed a stand that looks beautiful on any desktop surface and with any display without being obtrusive. The stand is made of one super thick crystal clear material and thanks to its design it can hold the largest iMac.

Elevates Ease Of Use
The stand is made of one super thick acrylic material sheet and can hold up any display to a maximum weight of 27 pounds (14 kg). It elevates any display with 11 cm. The depth of the stand is 9" (23 cm) and it is 24 cm wide. This iMac stand is suitable for tall people, like taller than 1.90 meter.

Elegant And Practical
Uplift your iMac or PC monitor in an elegant way. The sides of the stands are glossy polished, giving it a very stylish look. This stand fits great in any business or creative environment. The stand does not only elevate your display but it allows you to comfortably store your phone, keys or wallet to save space and organize your working desk.

Data sheet

Height (cm) 11
Width (cm) 24
Depth (cm) 23
Color Transparent
Compatible with: All 20" Apple iMac, 21.5" Apple iMac, 24" Apple iMac and 27" Apple iMac
Product reference STICLR05