STEYG STAND for MacBook or Ultrabook

Very ease to use stand to elevate your MacBook or Ultrabook to a comfortable height for everyday use. It is made from one piece of transparant material and thanks to its minimalistic design it looks elegant in any workplace environment. This stand improves the cleanliness of your working desk thanks to its astute design.

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For Everyday Use
MacBook or laptops in general weren't meant to be used for long hours. Using a portable laptop computer for long hours can cause discomfort in your neck and back. In order to spent your hours behind the MacBook more comfortable we designed a stand that elevates your screen to a more comfortable height. With this stand you can use your own preferred keyboard and mouse or trackpad. This stand is very easy to use and thanks to its stute and beautiful design it looks great on your desk.

Easy & Comfortable To Use
The stand is designed primarly based on the MacBook Air 13-inch. However this stand is compatible with the rest of the MacBook series, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro /Retina (11, 13, 15 inch). Also any 13 or 15 inch Ultrabook and Thin Laptops can used with this stand. The stand elevates a MacBook with 10 cm (3.9"). When the screen is unfolded it will stand around 14 cm (5.1") height. Using the stand is easy. Put your MacBook on the stand. The lip on the stand will hold the MacBook in its position. Use a keyboard or mouse to work comfortable for long hours.

Elegant And Practical
The stand is made of transparant material and is a great addition to your workplace or desktop environment. It can be used in an office or home interior. You can position your charger or external display cable behind the stand, making it practical for keeping your cables neatly managed.

Data sheet

Height (cm) 10
Width (cm) 24
Depth (cm) 21
Color Transparent
Compatible with: All 11 inch - 15 inch MacBooks
Product reference SLS02