New Macbook Air stand from STEYG


STEG Stand for Macbook Air
STEYG stand for the Macbook Air

STEYG Stand for the Macbook Air is a riser for the Macbook Air that can be used to improve the ergonomics in combination with a keyboard and mouse. Additionally, this stand can be used alongside an external monitor in order to lift the Macbook Air on the same eye-height as an external monitor.

The stand is made with the idea that it improves the ergonomics but does not stand in the way from having a nice, neat and orderly workplace. The stand made from one piece clear acrylic material with 8mm thickness. The design of the stand is kept simple but very efficient. It does not only uplift the Macbook Air but also creates more space because you can place a keyboard or other accessories beneath the Macbook Air. By using clear acrylic material it seems like the Macbook Air floats above the table.

At the back of the stand there is a hole with a diameter of 4 cm. In here cables can lush through in order to support cable management. The hole is slightly higher than the center so that the cables are out of sight when the Macbook Air is placed on the stand. Both the hole and the edges are polished for a beautiful finish.

Due to the thickness of the material, it can also elevate other Macbooks (and laptops) of up to 3.5kg. The stand is 26 cm wide, 23 cm deep and 12.5 cm high. The stand weighs 1.3kg.


STEYG arose from the need to create a beautiful and orderly workplace. It is not a suprise that STEYG was founded by developers and designers. The word STEYG is derived from the Dutch word "stijgen" (rise/elevate). Our goal is to elevate aesthetic design of hardware and at the same time increase the ergonomic use.

We are a Dutch company based in Utrecht. All products are designed in the Netherlands and made in the Netherlands.








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