Place the monitor at the correct height

With a monitor at the correct height, you follow two simple guidelines. You can use this with any monitor.

Keep your shoulders straight and extend your arms. Make sure the monitor is an arm's length from your face. Your arms are straight and your fingers can touch the monitor.
Look in the direction of your monitor and check if it is at eye level. You look forward with your neck upright and in a resting position. You have no trouble seeing the content on the screen without looking down or up.

If you are looking for a monitor stand, then of course there is no exact measure on which a screen should stand. After all, not everyone is the same length. Not every table and chair is the same height and not every screen is the same. Nevertheless, you can assume an average by adding these variables together. We assumed a number of averages so that we could get a height that works out for most people.

✔️ Which increase suits you? Monitor stand suitable for most people.
For most people no longer than around 185 cm, an increase of 7.5 cm for a standard monitor (22 inch or larger) is sufficient. The screen comes around eye level, keeping your back and neck posture upright. You can choose the monitor standards below.

✔️ Monitor stand for tall people?
The 7.5 cm increase based on a standard workplace is often not sufficient for someone taller than 190 cm (1.9 meters). Because the elevation is not sufficient, the back and neck posture remains curved. With the information below, a monitor stand that offers a height of around 10 - 13 cm is suitable for somewhat taller people. Below you will find a suitable model for this.

This article provides an overview of the different variables that determine how high a screen should be and why you need a monitor stand of about 7.5cm.

Hoogte Average table height
Most desks are about 74cm high. Some tables are adjustable. An interesting fact is that the European standard for workplaces states that non-adjustable tables must be 74cm high and adjustable tables must be between 65cm and 85cm. Tables are approximately 120cm wide and 80cm deep.

Stoel Average seat height
Most office chairs are adjustable between 39cm and 51cm.

➤ Average height person
Average height of Dutch man: 180.8 cm (leg length 86.4 cm)
Average height of Dutch woman: 169.6 cm (leg length 81.05 cm)

➤ Average screen size
22-inch (56cm diagonal). Height about 42.2cm and 51.5cm wide.

In the image below we see that with these dimensions the screen must raise 7.5cm to get the screen at eye level. This is about the same height as one and a half packs of A4 paper. Often an A4 paper or a set of thick books is used as a monitor stand.

hoogte monitor