With a monitor stand you raise the screen at a good eye level so that your eyes rest as much as possible when you work behind the computer. Due to the rise of automation, the work behind the computer has increased enormously. More and more often, people have to work behind the computer. In the 1990s, organizations began to investigate the effect this had on health. The workplace had to become more comfortable and the employee should serve as well as possible in activities. The monitor stand was one of the things that should make your workplace more comfortable.

The average height of a monitor stand is 7.5cm, with 7.5cm you bring an average screen to a good eye level. For large screens such as 24 "or 27" you are approximately 3/4 of the screen with good eye height. 7.5cm is approximately equal to one and a half reams of A4 paper. That is why a pack of paper or book is regularly used.

In addition to the ergonomic advantages, a monitor stand can also save space. By raising, you can store other accessories, pens or documents under a screen.

monitor stand

The monitor stands come in many shapes, colors and sizes. However, monitor stands often still have an old-fashioned design. This is because monitor standards were already developed in the 1980s for thick screens (CRT monitors). These risers are still functional after all, a flat LCD screen fits well. However, that is a pity because a lot of work is put into an aesthetically beautiful and inspiring working environment. In addition, due to the popularity of Apple computer products, computers and computer accessories can also be pretty!