Which STEYG stand do I need for my iMac or monitor?

Do you not know which monitor stand you need? Here we have compiled a list with the main features of each monitor stand. Click on the image for more information.

STEYG iMac monitor stand Low

LOW: For a minimal lift (4 cm | 1.57 inch).

STEYG iMac monitor stand Smart

SMART: For a small lift (5 cm | 1.97 inch), with space to store a 13-inch MacBook or an Ultrabook underneath. For extra convenience, the sides are provided with openings for charging cables, USB cables and other wiring.

STEYG iMac monitor stand OriginalSTEYG iMac monitor stand Ruby Red

ORIGINAL: Standard height of 7.5 cm | 2.95 inch.

RUBY RED: Based on ORIGINAL, with a deep red transparent color. For colorful interiors or just simplistic interiors with color accents. Standard height of 7.5 cm | 2.95 inch.

STEYG iMac monitor stand SmallSTEYG iMac monitor stand Large

SMALL: For a simplistic look. Save space on your desk. Standard height of 7.5 cm | 2.95 inch.

LARGE: For extra storage. Enough room underneath for a keyboard or MacBook, laptop, notebook, Ultrabook with an accessory. Standard height of 7.5 cm | 2.95 inch.

STEYG iMac monitor stand Tall

TALL: For persons taller than 1.90 m, an extra lift (11 cm | 4.33 inch) is required.

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Question: Will my monitor fit on the STEYG stand?

Answer: There are two factors that you can check: size and weight.
Size: Measure the length and width of the base of your monitor. Compare these measurements to the measurements of our STEYG stand product page. For aesthetics, the base of the monitor should be smaller than the measurements of the STEYG stand. Each product page contains all measurements of the STEYG stand.
Weight: Weigh your monitor. On each product page you can find the maximum weight that the STEYG stand can hold.
Is it not possible for you to measure and weigh your monitor? Find out the brand and exact model of your monitor. This information is usually displayed on the monitor itself. Then Google brand + model. Usually in the results there is an information page about the monitor, including weight and dimensions.


Question: Does my keyboard fit under the STEYG stand?

Answer: Measure the length of your keyboard. Compare this to the inner length of the  STEYG stand, you can find this information on our product page.