Stylish and high stand for Apple iMac

April 30, 2015

The Dutch company STEYG develops stylish, ergonomic stands for the Apple iMac and MacBook. The standards provide an improvement in work posture and a tidy and orderly workstation.

For a good working posture, it is important that the monitor is positioned at the correct height. However, many ergonomic products are functional, but not stylish. The standards of STEYG change this. They have a minimalist and sleek design that fits every workplace and every monitor.

In addition to the unobtrusive design of the stands, they also save space. This higher standard monitor is very suitable for tall people (> 1.90m). Below the STEYG stand tall is enough space to store a 10-inch iPad or Apple wireless keyboard. Also, the compact design ensures that there is enough space left on the desk. This results in a tidy workplace and optimal concentration at work.

This handmade STEYG stand tall for iMac is made from a single piece of completely transparent acrylic with a glossy polished finish. It has a maximum capacity of 14 kg and is therefore especially suitable for 20 ", 21.5", 24 "and 27" Apple iMac models. The stand is 11 cm high and the supporting surface is 24 cm wide and 23 cm deep.

Specifications STEYG Stand Tall
Material: acrylic
Finish: polished
Maximum weight: 14 kg
Height: 11 cm
Width: 24 cm
Depth: 23 cm
Suitable for: 20 ", 21.5", 24 "and 27" Apple iMac
Price: € 39.95 (excl. shipping)

STEYG is a unique company in the Netherlands. With the utmost care products are designed, and then made by hand. The products are of lasting quality, affordable and available in a few days.


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