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Wrist rests

Unique wrist rests (32 cm wide) made of canvas and filled with natural buckwheat hulls for optimal comfort. Buckwheat hulls helps with ergonomics thanks to a number of characteristic features.

  • Resilient
  • Cooling
  • Form-retaining
  • Odorless

These properties make buckwheat chaff excellent for a keyboard wrist rest. After working at a computer for a long time, you don't want your wrists to stick to the table or wrist rest. This reduces comfort while working at the computer. Buckwheat chaff is comfortable and gives your wrists more rest. By placing the fingers at the same height, you need less muscle power to type.

Unlike many wooden or neoprene (with gel) wrist rests, these wrist rests do not stick to your palm over time. Your skin will start to sweat on smooth and dense surfaces such as plastic or wood. This is unpleasant especially during long sessions or in warm room temperatures.

Our wrist rests are made from canvas or cotton materials. The material is soft and pleasant to the touch. In combination with buckwheat chaff, the palm rest remains airy and allows your skin to breathe. This prevents your palm from sticking to our wrist rest.